november 19, 2020

Justice for Mike and Karibuna

What happened with Mike and Karibuna and what are we going to do about the cause of their deaths? A summary in English.

Justice for Mike and Karibuna

On the 3rd of November, Amersfoort zoo killed two chimpanzees who, after a long and senseless captivity, finally managed to escape.

When their cage was left open, Mike and Karibuna liberated themselves and chose freedom. These animals have been used all their lives for human entertainment. Mike has been used as a "mascotte" for the park for more than 50 years, generating profits, and was thanked with a bullet. The zoo keeper even called him "my best friend"... Who keeps their friend locked up for others to watch?

Mike and Karibuna are not the first animals to escape from the entertainment industry. Every time again, animals tell us that they do not choose for captivity. They do not choose to be used by humans.

The zoo plans to set up a "memorial" for "their iconic animals". The memorial is for employees and visitors, right next to the cages where the other chimpanzees are still imprisoned. Clearly, this memorial is just something for humans, which is of no use to the non human animals.

We demand justice for Mike and Karibuna. The two chimpanzees should have never been there in the first place.

We will therefore continue with actions and started a coalition: EndAnimalEntertainment (StopDiervermaak). Our goal is to close all zoos, dolphinariums and other companies that make money with animal entertainment.



Picture: We animals media (JMcArthur)